The DECADE initiative seeks to use new and established technologies to determine accurate global fluxes of volcanic CO2 to the atmosphere, by installing CO2 monitoring networks on 20 of the world’s 150 most actively degassing volcanoes. The group also uses related laboratory-based studies (direct gas sampling & analysis, melt inclusions) to provide new data for direct degassing of deep Earth carbon to the atmosphere.

Acting officers of the DECADE initiative are Tobias Fischer (Chair, University of New Mexico), Taryn Lopez (Co-Chair, University of Alaska), Patrick Allard (Vice-Chair, Institut de Physique du Globe, France) and Erik Hauri (Treasurer, Carnegie Institution of Washington). Alessandro Aiuppa (University of Palermo, Italy), Nicole Bobrowski (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Germany), Giovanni Chiodini (INGV, Italy), Marie Edmonds (University of Cambridge, UK) and Bo Galle (Chalmers University, Sweden) are serving as additional board members.

The DECADE initiative began in 2011 at a meeting of volcanologists at a conference in Kamchatka, Russia. The group currently consists of more than two dozen researchers from 10 countries each with extensive experience in volcanic gas emissions studies on volcanoes worldwide, including all countries that operate major national volcano observatories. The group represents a combined 319 years of post-PhD research in the deep Earth cycling of volatile elements, physics and chemistry of fluids, and the evolution of volcanic systems, and represents a broad range of expertise in applied physics, analytical geochemistry, remote sensing, high-temperature/pressure experimental petrology, and boots-on-the-ground geology of active volcanic systems. 

This body of work is represented by over 1000 scientific publications, with nearly 28,000 citations in the scientific literature and a combined H-index of 80. It is the first time such a group of scientists has brought their collective energies to bear on deep carbon cycle science in a coordinated effort. A major effort ongoing within DECADE is to establish formal collaborations among the national volcano observatories on all 7 continents.

The DECADE group uses remote-sensing data produced by various orbiting satellites (OMI, GOME-2, OCO-2) and ground-based scanning instruments (NOVAC network) that measure UV absorption by SO2 molecules produced by volcanic degassing.  Crater rim instruments (MultiGAS) measure the ratio of CO2/SO2 using automated laser-based and solid-state sensors to measure air samples in areas where the volcanic gas plumes cross the ground.  Both NOVAC and MultiGAS stations deliver data via telemetry, and the combination of these approaches is used to determine CO2 fluxes at volcanoes.  The DECADE group also conducts laboratory analyses, using elemental and isotopic mass spectrometry methods, on samples of gas and melt inclusions collected at the same volcanic sites.


Our Team


Tobias Fischer

fischer at unm.edu


taryn lopez

tmlopez at alaska.edu



pallard at ipgp.fr

nicole bobrowski

nbobrows at uni-mainz.de


Erik Hauri

ehauri at ciw.edu


alessandro aiuppa

alessandro.aiuppa at unipa.it

Bo Galle

bo.galle at chalmers.se



medm06 at esc.cam.ac.uk



giovanni.chiodini at ingv.it





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